Conestoga College (SSS)

Marketing + Various

Projects for Student Success Services.

Project Description.

Various projects designed for the Student Success Services department of Conestoga College. Including video intro, posters, content creation, event equipment and more! All elements were designed to promote the 3 branches of SSS - wellness, career and learning.

Getting Into It.

Various Print.

Promotional and Informational Print.

Creating print which stand out on the wall of an over-populated wall was a major part of my designs with Student Success Services. Through use of bold graphics and simplistic illustration, I was able to create designs which would draw the eyes of students and increase the number of participants in events.

Integrating Socials.

Involvement through connection.

Social media involved developing cohesive content for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in order to bring student engagement levels up. Through use of engaging motion graphics and fun illustration, engagement increased across social media platforms and more followers and subscribers were gained.

Unique Print.

Developing different communications.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this job was developing unique forms of print. These included banner displays, wall vinyls, and glass door inserts. Through these unique experiences I learned how to work with a variety of materials and sizes. I gained knowledge regarding printing practices for various companies as well.

Developing Motion.

Using introductions on Youtube.

Developing a Youtube introduction was a fun animation project which involved a focus on clean and modern design mixed with existing branding material for the mental health sector of Student Success.