This team project was developed in partnership with Chloe Reynolds, Kristi Sprague, and Jan Oliver. Our team worked together to develop the branding and then we each created deliverables. The idea of the branding was to bring a young and fresh approach to HopeSpring's branding and create a relatable design which reflects their values.


All illustrations were made by Kristi Sprague

Although not designed by myself, including these illustrations is the connecting element between all deliverables. The illustrations were created as a diverse array of relatable characters with no particular skin colour or face.  The sketched style reflects the personal touch of the HopeSpring brand and keeps it loose and upbeat.

The sponsorship proposal was targeted towards an audience of potential sponsors, this being local businesses. We felt this was a necessary deliverable as it created a means of informing and persuading potential sponsors in the hopes of receiving more donations. This did not currently exist in HopeSpring's previous branding. Scroll through below!

The purpose of the trifold brochure was to inform the potential client base of the services offered with HopeSpring to bring awareness to the organization. The content was taken from the sponsorship proposal and shortened for an easier consumer deliverable. This pamphlet was to be displayed at the front desk of local medical centres or hospitals.