Human emotion captured in motion.

Project Description.

Inspired by the definition of "meraki", this display book shows an array of intentional movement photography. Each page is associated with unique feelings to create an emotional journey from beginning to end.

Getting Into It.

Behind the Meaning.

Emotional investment through art.

The meaning of this book is more than simply photography, it shows definitions

which relate to feelings I have not been able to find a word for until now. Each page is designed to relate to the movement and feeling of each photograph and take the viewer on an emotional journey which is personal to me. 



When you do something with such passion and creativity, that you leave

part of yourself in your work.

Intentional Movement.

Painting the world with a camera.

Intentional movement photography is an abstract style of shooting that has no rules – it all comes down to moving your camera over a long exposure. I believe this turns the camera into a paintbrush. Inspired by the gentle and moving photos by Andrew Gray, each photo was taken to convey meaning and emotion through choice of direction, blur, and colour.

Bringing out Character.

Before and after editing.

Each photograph was edited in Lightroom to bring out the emotion of the image. Whether it be brightening the composure or changing the colours entirely, the edits were carefully

chosen for their ability to invoke emotion.  Drag the slider across the photo to view before

and after the editing process.

Final Design.

Putting it All Together.

The final edits.

The book was developed in InDesign and was mocked up through photoshop to show the final picture of the display book. Click through to view each page!