The personalized pet adoption process.

The goal of this application was to develop an easy to use platform for adopting rescue pets which showed all the relevant information in a logical way and which made the process of finding the perfect pet easy and understandable. 

Project Description.

Getting Into It.

Developing the Brand.

Creating meaning through symbolism.

The main idea of the branding assets was to create something that people felt was open and friendly, something that could be related to and trusted. The name MILI reflects the word family as dogs are often claimed as part of the family. Warm and welcoming colours are used to create the uplifting atmosphere of the application.


All About Position.

Strategic placement for engagement.

A key factor in the layout of this application was creating strategic placement for buttons and clicks which encouraged the user to continue through the adoption process.

This includes placing buttons on the right side of the screen closest to the thumb and offering bright buttons for the encouraged selection.

Keeping it Simple.

Using minimalism and icons effectively.

With the target audience ranging from 18-55, the use of this application had to be universal for all levels of technological capabilities. Through use of limited choices and easy to identify icons, this app was designed with all users in mind. Using minimalism helps to create a more simplified process for a complicated decision.

Pulling at Heart Strings.

Using the fine art of cuteness.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the design includes a focus on cute photography. It was important to include images which fostered feelings of love and sympathy. These images were carefully selected to represent the personality of the animal and make connections with the viewer.

Final Design.

Putting it All Together.

The final creation and flow.

The prototype was developed in invision  and is a general display of the  application's flow.

Click below to view a quick walkthrough of the design.