TUFF Protein Pancakes 

Package Design

Quick and nutritious snack solutions.

Project Description.

TUFF Protein pancakes are the solution to the most skipped meal, breakfast. With the inclusion of the "perfect scoop" this product is easy to use and delicious! Edgy design makes these packages stand out on the shelves.

Getting Into It.

Developing the Brand.

Setting the tone through imagery.

The brand name “tuff” is a fun take on “tough” which represents the protein and fitness aspect of the product. The logo is a simple pancake illustration layered over a flame with a stamp-like texture to create an edgy and young design. The branding targets a young adult audience through bold visuals and contrasting colours.

on black-01.png
on black-02.png

The Perfect Scoop.

Tackling hunger one scoop at a time.

Within the young adult age range, breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day, hence the need for quick and healthy breakfast options. The perfect scoop quickly makes the perfect portion of pancakes for and individual. The inclusion of the perfect scoop in this nutritious meal makes it more convenient for the consumer to use this product compared to other options.

The Flip Side.

Including the right information.

The main focus of the back of the packaging was to create a clear and organized display of the necessary information required by packaging guidelines. A simple description of flavour and simplified instructions cater to the young adult audience. Nutritional information was gathered from a variety of pancake and protein powder labels.

On the Shelf.

Standing out from the competition.

Staying away from the typical black, red and white was key to make this product more fun and stand out on the shelf. After several iterations however, the black background was needed to tie the product to the idea of protein and strength. Pops of colour and unique typefaces are contrasted against the black to draw the attention of the consumer.

Final Design.

Putting it All Together.

The final creation and flow.

The final print-ready packaging file was developed in Adobe InDesign.