A focus of this project was assuring that the process of signing up for this service was easy and understandable for all levels of internet users. Iconography was developed in order to visually represent the features of certain plans and aspects of the service. This allows users to quickly make decisions simply based on universal imagery.

Paired with simple iconography is the systems ease of use. This meant that including buttons and links throughout was important to creating a flow within the website. The process from learning about the service to signing up for it was created using a pre-development flow chart and user testing to ensure its usability.

In order in to ensure that the website was usable, a user test was conducted among 5 participants of varying age and gender. They were asked to complete a series of tasks which would be common on the website. Each task was completed with 100% success rate except for one. This failed task created a need for a relocation of the FAQ to the about page, where most people looked for it first.